Sterling Union LLC Launches Online Series with Premiere Party


“Sterling Union LLC Launches Online Series with Premiere Party”

Sterling Union LLC will launch its online series “The Union Series” with a premiere party, July 10 at Babs Underground Lounge, 213 South Ashley Ann Arbor, Mi 48104. Starting at 5pm and running to 9pm.  one would have a glimpse at Sterling Union’s original and exciting online series and meet members of the show’s cast and crew.

“The Union Series” a crime drama  set in Detroit, aims to depict the rich history of a city where a crime involving a family has occurred. The series tells a story that is unlike others. The producers of the series have decided to make it available for watching online as they know that the television is not the only means for one to be able to watch a worthy film or series. Also, as there has been an advancement in the technology, the company has decided to take advantage of it in order to offer a quality online series without the need for the viewer to spend a lot of money for it.


Without a doubt, online series have been greatly popular among people of all ages. Thus, with a new online series to be launched, one would have another exciting series to look forward to whenever they connect to the internet. As a matter of fact, the preview itself shows that this series has a great potential to be the next best crime series as it got a nice fictional crime story. There is a mystery left to be solved that would make the one watching it to get to the end of the story as soon as possible and would result to one being intrigued as to what would happen to the main characters next. In other words, it is a series that one would not dare miss.

Sterling Union LLC, an online film production company headquartered in South East Michigan was established by producers Jamal J. Hines and Jack Michael Findley in early 2016. A new company, one can expect that the company is filled with new ideas that would then be turned to a series in the future just like the “Union Series”
Company Name: Sterling Union LLC
Address: 1850 Joseph st Ann Arbor, Mi 48104
Contact: Jamal Hines (512) 669-3530, Jack Michael Findley (517) 270-1517
Facebook: Union Series
Twitter: @TheUnionSeries Instagram: TheUnionSeries


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