MMM Exclusive: Tom Norton WKTV talks 5th Annual Eclipse Awards

The 5th Annual Eclipse Award program is quickly approaching.  It will be held this year, Thursday,  April 28th, 2016 at the City Flats Ballroom, 83 Monroe Center St NW #200,
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

With the tag-line  “Awarding the Very Best in Film, Video and Television in West Michigan,”   the Eclipse Awards are open to all in Michigan’s film industry.

Tom Norton of WKTV consented to this interview.  We wish every one nominated this year every success.

MMM The Eclipse Award program is quickly approaching.  How many years has this program been in existence?

Tom Norton The Eclipse Awards started in 2012 and quickly grew in just a few short years as content creators discovered this new and truly important means getting their works recognized.

MMM Who were the original founders of this program?

TN  The original founders were WKTV Community Media and the West Michigan Film & Video Alliance

 MMM How has the Eclipse Award program evolved over the years?

TN The categories and crafts have been refined.  Crafts such as acting, so integral to a content creators goal have been recognized to place greater awareness on the cultivation of that particular talent in the region.  Also, the Craft of Animation and Writing in Produced Content are both an important addition to the awards.

 MMM How were this year’s submissions in terms of numbers compared to years past?  In terms of quality, how did they compare?

TN This year has seen the highest number of entries to date.  In fact, it has been a steady increase year after year.  This year, 94  entries were made which considering the very unique nature of this field is remarkable for the region.  The quality has been truly impressive.  The regional universities and colleges focusing so heavily over the years on cinema have produced a groundswell of talent that the Eclipse Awards is recognizing exists.

MMM For what categories of film will the Eclipse Award be awarded?

TN It’s available on the website

 MMM Have any past recipients of the Eclipse Award gone on to make it BIG in the film industry?

TN We do have one nominee this year who worked in the camera department for “Walking Dead.”

MMM For those who may miss tonight’s (April 4, 2016)   televised release of who has been nominated,  would you like to share those with us?

TN The list is available on the website as well.  I’ll attach it below.

Ray Brazaski, “Cathedral”
Michael McCallum, “Lucky Jay”
Sherryl Despres, “Rodeo Girl”
Sophie Bolen, “Rodeo Girl”
Heather Baker-Jackson, “shehimher”
Liz Nolan, “Two For the Show”

Sanjo Antony, “Jake’s Safari”
Larry Lauria, “Pete’s Odyssey”
Brett Deacon, Evan Hollingsworth, “Project Liberation”

Reid Petro, “Alaskan Adventure”
Logan Hurtado, Dylan Sanders, “Death at the Opera”
Steve Steketee, Frederik Meijer Gardens and “Sculpture Park: A Grand Rapids Treasure”
Reid Petro, “It’s Your Move”
Matthew Weaver, “Journeyman”
Andy Terzes, “Live Arts”
John Hansen, “shehimher”
Reid Petro, “The Million Dollar Nickel”
Travis Babbitt, “Topanga”

Andy Terzes, “Live Arts”
Harper Philbin, “Lucky Jay”
DJ Viernes, “shehimher”
Kyle Misak, Jake Maxwell, “The Million Dollar Nickel”
Michael McCallum, “Two For the Show”

“My Personal Pink Time”, Josh Reed, Producer
“Strong Words: The Art of ToiDerricotte”, David Schock, Producer
“UP a River”, Kristin Ojaniemi, Producer

Alex Bolen, “L I G H T”
Tim Lieber, “Lucky Jay”
Mallory Patterson, Randy Strobl, “Mosaic Mobile 2015 Promo”
Kyle Misak, “The Million Dollar Nickel”
Michael McCallum, Andrew Tebeau, “Two For the Show”

 Local & Regional Segments & Promotional Pieces (under 20 minutes)
“Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park: A Grand Rapids Treasure,” Experience Grand Rapids, Producer
“GoSite Sponsor Video,” Mallory Patterson, Randy Strobl, Producers
“HappenDance,” Andrew Tebeau, Producer
“Meet Maren,” Mallory Patterson, Randy Strobl, Producers
“There’s A Little Gilda In All Of Us,” Mallory Patterson, Randy Strobl, Producers
“Why We Work at Wedgwood,” Navin Kharmai, Producer

Local TV & Cable (30 minute time slot)
“Cooking with Angus: Mozarella,” Noah DeSmit, Producer
“Feel Like You Belong – TakundaMavima Episode,” Alan Headbloom, Producer
“Jake’s Safari,” Randy Bassin, Producer

 Narrative Short
“Interference,” James Stephens, Kelly Loughlin, Producers
“Portrait,” Andrew Behm, Producer
“shehimher,” DJ Viernes, Producer
“The Discovery of Alan Hindley,” Andy Fortenbacher, Producer
“The Million Dollar Nickel,” Kyle Misak, Jake Maxwell, Producer

 On-line Programs, Segments or Promotional Pieces
“Live Arts,” Andy Terzes, Producer
“Lucky Jay,” Brian Gotberg, Harper Philbin, Producers
“Recognizing the Signs of Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus in the Clinic,: Kendall College of Art and Design, Producer
“The Story of the Nutcracker Village,” Jacob Schmiedicke, Produce
“This is Munyagwa,” Erik Lauchie, Producer

 Original Score
David Purnell, “INK 180”
Theo Ndawillie II, “shehimher”

 Writing in Produced Content
George Snider III,” Jake’s Safari”
Harper Philbin, John Dufresne, Angelo Eidse, “Lucky Jay”
DJ Viernes, “shehimher”
Kyle Misak, Jesse Charles, “The Million Dollar Nickel”
Michael McCallum, “Two For the Show”

The Eclipse Awards home page!/page_home


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