Aboard the Michigan Princess with cast of Nathan Quinn’s Anders Dark


It was a bright and sunny spring day.  It was early March in Michigan, a tad chilly, but a more perfect day to be topside in the Michigan Princess you could not find.

I had been invited to a rehearsal and shoot of Nathan Quinn’s Anders Dark, the spin-off of Necroland, an Iron Core Media Production.

As this was my first visit to this set, I didn’t know what to expect.

As I approached the riverboat with my camera in hand looking for my first few photographs, a white pickup truck pulled up on the access road which ran parallel to the dock.  Out of the pickup climbed a youngish male.


“Are you here for this film shoot? Are you part of Nathan’s cast or crew?” I asked.

“I am the owner of this boat,” was his reply.  He introduced himself as Chris, his last name I would later learn was Chamberlain.

After opening the door to the riverboat, he invited me inside.  We exchanged small talk for a few, brief minutes.  He explained how Nathan had arranged a shoot on this boat.   It seemed that Nathan had arranged a film shoot aboard another riverboat, the sister boat to the Michigan Princess, several weeks earlier.

Nathan and I had agreed to meet at noon.  I knew I was early, but  Nathan and the first of his people were on time.  After they gained entrance to the boat and had a cursory look around, Nathan directed his people to start bringing in props and supplies.  Nathan stopped at the foot of the stairs which lead upstairs on this multi-floored riverboat and talked briefly with Chris, as I stood patiently waiting to hear more from Nathan.


Nathan reached out to shake my hand.  “I’m glad you could make it today,” said Nathan and I agreed. I said it was nice to be here.  Together the three of us walked to the second floor of the Princess to a door which lead outside, and lead to further upstairs to a third floor on which was steering.

Afforded this opportunity to see the boat in its entirety, photographing points of interest as I went, I was satisfied that I had some good shots.

We worked our way back down to the main deck which had a more than adequate dance floor in front of room which was reserved for a turntable and audio equipment.

Nathan’s crew had returned with all of their goodies and set them up on a couple of tables just within the front door.

Gathered around as we were Nathan introduced me to members of his cast.  We waited a few minutes and a photographer joined us.  Then Nathan explained that he was waiting for John Lennox to join us, Lennox is a master of fight choreography and had a doctorate in theater arts.  He teaches at Lansing Community College.


John Lennox,  an international traveler, is recognized worldwide for his craft.   Nathan explained that he often traveled with props, knives, guns, swords, etc. which he kept in his bags and enjoyed the attention he would get by NSA agents as he would enter airports.   Although Lennox was a smaller man, his appearance would be deceiving to someone who didn’t know him.   Nathan explained that he often had spiked hair and tattoos, something which no doubt attracted attention.

Several of the Anders Dark cast had moved to the center of the floor, apart from the other people present and started practicing some punches and kicks that would be used in this production.  In the center of this group was a young female who was apparently a quick study,  as she quickly picked up everything she was being asked to do.

As Nathan would later explain, “Angelina is the girl that was there yesterday and is playing my daughter. Her character name is Chaney.

“I’m sure she’ll be sticking with the martial arts and sports and all things physical, she loves it. She’s an awesome tomboy. She can also sing, writes her own music, acts, models and can also draw incredibly well. Multitalented. Love ‘er. A real blessing in the 11th hour of producing both projects.”



I knew that my time available was growing short.  Glancing at my cell-phone,  I realized I was correct.  I had to leave.  I approached Nathan and explained that I was going to have to leave.  He was surprised, but he knew that I only had a few minutes to give him.

He asked me to allow him to download the photos I had taken onto his computer.  As the last photo was downloaded,  I said we had to do this again “real soon.”



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