MMM Exclusive: director Charlene Jeter talks how she bacame filmmaker

Here is a challenge.  You have precisely 48 hours in which to complete an original short film.  This includes and incorporates every element of filmmaking from writing a script, creating story boards, scouting for locations to post production.  Your finished film will be judged by a panel of judges against the works of other competing filmmakers.  Are you up to this challenge?

Charlene Jeter is.  She is so confident that she has the goods,  she has made filmmaking a competitive sport.  Competing in and completing 13 short films in different film challenges, she thrives on the excitement and pressures of competitive filmmaking.

Charlene Jeter created this short film in answer to questions that we had.  Thank you Charlene.  You are the best.


Here are several of the films which Charlene has created.

The Codes

When Detectives Ronstein and Malone stake out to capture criminal mind, Serena Stilletto, things become competitive when Detective Lee is assigned the same case. Made for the 48 Hour Film Project Toronto.

Love Lost In Milano

When wealthy woman from Milano, Isabella cuts Henry off after his illicit affair, what he does next turns her world upside down.
Made for the YPSI 24 Hour Film Shootout

No Baby

One woman’s journey in making the most important decision of her life.

Sharkey’s Mask


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