MMM Exclusive: Michael McCallum talks “Two for the Show”

MichaelMcCallumTwofortheShow2Poster designed by Mark A. France
Michael McCallum’s latest, “Two for the Show” will debut March 6, 2016 at the Tavern and Tap, 101 S. Washington Sq., Lansing, Mi.

Starring Michael McCallum (as Bryan), with Liz Nolan (as Jessica), Denis Link (as Jessica’s husband) and Joseph Mull, Jason Carlen and William C. McCallum, this is story of a one-night stand which goes wrong at a high school reunion. Written and directed by Michael McCallum this drama promises to be another high watermark for Rebel Pictures.

Michael McCallum, the CEO of Rebel Pictures, is an award winning Michigan filmmaker with a portfolio of ten short films and four feature films since 1999. Rebel Pictures has received numerous accolades and nominations, including 71 major awards from 110 nominations in nearly 118 film festivals. Last year McCallum received the Eclipse Award, Michigan’s equivalent of the Oscars for his feature length move, “Buffalo.”

MMM talked with Michael about “Two for the Show.”

MMM Without issuing a spoiler alert, tell us about the story line for “Two for the Show.”

MM The synopsis is: “A one-night stand gone wrong at a high school reunion, when a man comes into town to see his dying Father for the last time and encounters an abused woman.”

Its a dark film about the main character, Bryan, coming home to say goodbye to his dying Father and then things drastically change once he meets an abused woman in the hotel he’s staying at.

MMM You play the lead character in “Two for the Show.” Is this correct? Tell us about your character.-

MM Bryan is someone with a lot of pent up resentment. He’s sitting on a lot of emotion. His Father is failing in a home hospice situation and he doesn’t have much time to say his goodbyes. He’s not even sure he wants to. We only find out a little bit about him during e film and I like that. It leaves the audience hopefully wanting more. He’s someone who is wrestling with a lot internally and his actions externally force a lot out of him.

MMM Speak briefly about the rest of the cast. Who appears in this movie? What roles do they play?-

MM  The rest of the film has some extremely talented actors involved. Liz Nolan is the female lead and plays Jessica, the abused wife. I had the pleasure of working with Liz previously on a short comedy made for the Grand Rapids Film Festival’s Production Workshop, which I was asked to Direct. This was a darker role than I’d ever seen her do before and I knew she was more than capable of doing it. We work well together and it shows on screen.

Denis Link plays her husband. He’s a dear friend and acted wonderfully in previous Rebel Pictures’ films, “Sure Thing” and “Buffalo.” Both multi- award-winning films. He played a part beyond anything anyone has ever seen Denis do and about as far away from himself as a person as you can get. For me, that’s part of the fun in creating and casting these worlds. Stretching people creatively.

The rest of the cast is rounded out by Joseph Mull, Jason Carlen and my talented Father, William C. McCallum.

MMM Did you write the script for “Two for the Show?” What was your inspiration?-

MM I did write “Two For the Show.” This was a project that didn’t have some epiphany moment. I just slowly started piecing the story together about 3 years ago. It partly came about from listening to a bad-ass Detroit band’s music, Dutch Pink. A friend had turned me on to them and I actually think it was a combination of their music and a few loose ideas that put at least the original structure of the story together originally in my head. A scene in the film where Bryan, the lead character, goes reluctantly to his high school reunion came about from me thinking what a nightmare attending one of my reunions would be. I also love the idea of the story going in directions the viewer never would guess. So that element was always there for me in the construction of the story.

MMM As well as acting in this film, did you also direct, “Two for the Show” ?

MM I did indeed direct the film as well. I once had written something and given it to a fellow filmmaker friend at the time. I did not like how that turned out, so from now on, when I have an idea that I feel rally strongly about I will have to see it through to the end. Co-editing as well. I just have a certain vision and tone I want to reach and wouldn’t be comfortable with anyone else taking those reigns.

MMM Who was your cinematographer for “Two for the Show”?

MM Kevin W. Fowler shot the film. We had worked together previously on “Sure Thing” and many photography sessions. He has a terrific eye.


MMM Where will “Two for the Show” premier? When?

MM We will be doing a showing for cast/crew and the Lansing area Sunday, March 6th, 6pm, at Tavern and Tap (101 S. Washington Sq., Lansing, Mi)

$10’at the door, but that gets you in to see two bands, From Big Sur and Dutch Pink, both play live and the 40 minutes. film.

The money from the door will help the film be sent out to film festivals. We’ll also be taking any donations to further its festival submissions.

For those who cannot make your premier, how will you likely distribute your film?-
We will have DVD/CD Eco wallets of e film for purchase and will submit it to film festivals and pursue some sort of online distribution. More info will be available at


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