Charlene Jeter on “The Promise”


One of the biggest challenges last year was filming “The Promise” in Madison, Wisconsin. Eight hour road trip one way, we arrived a day earlier before the launch of the Madison 48 Hour Film Project. Scouting was our primary goal. We headed to the capitol building. Everything that we needed and eventually used was on the way–The Salvation Army, Aldi’s and McDonald’s. At one point, we were stopped at a traffic light, where across the way was this Circus Carousel outside of some Deli. I knew that we had to somehow include it (The kids loved riding the carousel ten times in a row)…Well, the day of the event, I pulled Family Film genre…Unfamiliar territory for me…I like action, crime, drama, and even a bit of comedy from time to time. What was I going to do with family? My daughter, Gabrielle, who is the most optimistic person ever said to me, “Well mom, we are on a family vacation.”

So we headed back to the hotel to write…WAIT…We raced back to the hotel, because there was this awesome view over a small lake where the sunset. I had to include it in the movie somehow. The kids were amazing, not only did they star in the film, they operated cameras, teamed up for the rolling dolly shot on the rolling chair, my daughter animated a short clip for me, and Solomon kept me smiling by saying over and over again, “This was the best vacation ever!!!” Here’s “The Promise.” Enjoy!!!

The Promise
Twin sisters Janine and Jane are extreme opposites. When Jane goes on a military mission, Janine promises to care for the kids.


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