Creem Magazine to become subject of documentary

The rock and roll magazine CREEM, a strong part of the Detroit area’s cultural legacy, will soon be the subject of a full-length documentary film The film is to be directed by Scott Crawford.

Crawford’s “Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-90)” looked at the heyday of hardcore punk rock scene in Washington, D.C. ,   when seminal bands like Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Government Issue, Scream, Void, Faith, Rites of Spring, Marginal Man, Fugazi, and others released their own records and booked their own shows-without major record label constraints or mainstream media scrutiny.

As irreverent as it was passionate about the music scene it covered–Creem featured writers like the late Lester Bangs, Robert Christgau, Greil Marcus, Susan Whitall Ben Edmonds, Patti Smith, Cameron Crowe, Dave Marsh (who was the first to coin the term “punk rock in 1971 within its pages), Jaan Uhelszki and others.

The Facebook page for the CREEM film lists Wayne Kramer (MC5), Alice Cooper, Lenny Kaye, Bebe Buell, Iggy Pop, Bob Seger, Mitch Ryder, KISS, Jaan Uhelszki, and Dave Marsh as people to be featured.

A Kickstarter will get going next month, with filming in Detroit and elsewhere to start shortly after the funding goal is met.


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