An Ordinary Killer! proves a killer of good time

“An Ordinary Killer! Had the PLEASURE of watching this film last night while sipping a FANTASTIC glass of wine made by Sanctuary Spirits ! All took place at Sanctuary Spirits…which by the way, you’ll have to come and see their ‘new look’ …gorgeous changes

including hardwood, several new taps and more to come. Our ‘Films and Spirits’ program takes place on the THIRD THURSDAY of every month…where a new film will be shown..SO PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD…honestly it’s a great time!!.. Hosted by The Red, White and Blue Project, Collective Development Incorporated and Sanctuary Spirits !  ” Melissa Anschutz

The tragic real life story of a serial killer who stalked his victims in the early 1970’s in small town America. A weaving trail of twists and turns that left people unsettled for two generations until investigative persistence aided by modern technology brings justice for a young mother and her family some 28 years later.



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