On this Day in Movie History, May 30, 1896: Director Howard Hawks Born


American film director, producer and screenwriter of the classic Hollywood era, Howard Winchester Hawks was born on this day, May 30, 1896.

Popular for his films from a wide range of genres such as Scarface (1932), Bringing Up Baby (1938), Only Angels Have Wings (1939), His Girl Friday (1940), Sergeant York (1941), To Have and Have Not (1944), The Big Sleep (1946), Red River (1948), The Thing from Another World (1951), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), and Rio Bravo (1959), in 1942, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director for Sergeant York. In 1975, Hawks was awarded an Honorary Academy Award as “a master American filmmaker whose creative efforts hold a distinguished place in world cinema”

His directorial style and the use of natural, conversational dialogue in his films were cited a major influence on many noted filmmakers, including Robert Altman, John Carpenter, and Quentin Tarantino. His work is admired by many notable directors including Peter Bogdanovich, Martin Scorsese, François Truffaut, Michael Mann and Jacques Rivette.

Other Birthdays

1902 – Stepin Fetchit (Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry) (actor: Amazing Grace, The Sun Shines Bright, Miracle in Harlem, Judge Priest; died Nov 19, 1985)

1920 – Franklin Schaffner (Academy Award-winning director: Patton [1970]; The Boys from Brazil, Papillon, Planet of the Apes, The Stripper, Islands in the Stream, Lionheart; died July 2, 1989)

1927 – Clint Walker (actor: Cheyenne, The Ten Commandments, Yellowstone Kelly, The Dirty Dozen, None But the Brave, Cheyenne)

1936 – Keir Dullea (actor: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Oh, What a Night, Blind Date, The Hostage Tower, Paperback Hero)

1939 – Michael J. Pollard (actor: Bonnie and Clyde, Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills, Dick Tracy, American Gothic, The Arrival, Roxanne, Tango and Cash, Skeeter)

1944 – Meredith MacRae (actress: Petticoat Junction, My Three Sons, Bikini Beach, Sketches of a Strangler, Vultures; daughter of Gordon and Sheila MacRae; died July 14, 2000)

1951 – Stephen Tobolowsky (actor: Murder in the First, Radioland Murders, Groundhog Day, Sneakers, Basic Instinct, Thelma and Louise, Bird on a Wire, Mississippi Burning, Spaceballs, Keep My Grave Open, The Grifters, A Whole New Ballgame, Against the Grain)

1981 – Blake Bashoff (actor: Bushwacked, Big Bully, The New Swiss Family Robinson, Deuces Wild)


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