Horror Haiku: The Haunted Video Tape

HORROR HAIKU: The Haunted Video Tape

Starring: Tanya Gorlow

You must never watch
the haunted video tape.
It will eat your soul!

Seraph Films presents: HORROR HAIKU a weekly short horror series where you write the episodes. Be sure to submit your own horror haiku in the comments below for the chance to have your haiku made into an episode!

Seraph Films invites you to search the darkest depths of your soul and share with us your …. HAIKU! Yes, that’s right, we’re turning horror into haiku, and haiku into video. Post your comments below and we’ll pick our favorites to transmogrify into a short video. You might see your poem starring as the title of our latest short film!

:: Lawyer Speak – all submissions become Seraph’s property, so if you post and we use it, you’ll get IMDB credit for the name, but that’s all.

Haiku – a short poem, of Japanese origin, having a meter of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables.


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