Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival 2012 “The Gift”

Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival 2012

A troubled couple are visited upon by a stork bearing hope, but also brings violence and tragedy.

Screened at Cannes Courts Metrages, Festival de Cannes 2012

Producer/Director/Editor: Andrew Griffin
Director of Photography: Sam Brown
Cast: Ian — Davie McKay, Georgie — Kate Dickie, June — Lorraine Stanley, Inspector Stevens — Gary Lewis, Baby — Sullivan
1st AD: Dominic Thompson Talbot
Focus Puller: Oleg Poupko
Sound recording: Stuart Pickering
Sound design: Annamy Bertmark/Attic
Written by: Andrew Griffin & Philip Ardagh
Music: Max Richter, Hildur Gudnadottir, Keith Kuniff

“the animals became so numerous and caused so many problems that God put them all in a sack to get rid of them. He gave the sack to a human, with instructions to empty it into the sea, but curiosity overcame the weak human, who opened the sack to see what was inside. All of the animals escaped and hid, and so a furious God changed the man into a giant bird – the stork – to forever hunt them and clean up the mess.”
“The Hebrew word for stork is equivalent to ‘kind mother’, the bird itself a widespread emblem of parental care. It was noted in ancient natural history that in the event of a fire, a stork pair will be consumed with the nest rather than abandon it.”

“Hera changed Gerana, her sworn enemy, into a stork, a punishment also inflicted on Antigone, daughter of Laomedon of Troy. In return the Stork-Gerana attacked Hera, abducting her child, Mopsus.”
“In Chinese folklore the stork was able to snatch up a worthy person, and carry them to a more blissful life.”


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