On this Day in Movie History, September 16, 2012: Tickets Are On Sale Online for the Jaxon Film Fest

Tickets are now available online. Here is the link. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/263223

Purchased online tickets are $8.00 (plus processing charge) /$10.00 at door per each block of films (approximately an hour and a half each). $55.00 for the day. This includes all festival activities happening on Saturday.

Questions Regarding Tickets
What does $55 buy? What the $55 buys is an all day VIP pass to both the Michigan Theatre and the Carnegie Branch Library, this will enable you to come and go as you wish without paying for re-entry; it provides you with free access to the after festival party; it provides you access to the attending filmmakers backstage at the Michigan Theatre; we kick in a VIP bag with all of its goodies; all of this for TWO. Most importantly it demonstrates your support for the Jaxon Film Fest, something which will be announced during the day, during one of the film block intermissions.

Can your $10 can buy you more than one one-and a half hour film block? Really? Being as this is our first festival, if you purchase a ticket for a single film block and wish to stay for a second, we will not embarrass you by turning the spotlight on you and attending party and reminding you “Har-rumph!You have to leave now.” We can only hope that you may want to stay to watch our films. But keep in mind, the $10 only buys entrance once. You will not be permitted to come and return after you leave. Also, keep in mind, the Theatre does not permit smoking. If you step outside to grab a smoke, you will not be permitted to re-enter unless you purchase another ticket–unless, of course you buy a VIP pass.

How then do you purchase tickets online for more than one film-block? If your intention is to stay for more than one film block, you may stay to see a second out of curiosity, buy tickets for the first of the film blocks you may wish to see.

The Michigan Theatre has reserved rights to all concession sales. They wish to discourage you from bringing in food-stuffs from outside. We will not subject you to TSA style pat-downs. We will trust you. We ask that you comply with Theatre rules.

Where can I find information regarding the scheduled films and times?
There are two event pages with times on Facebook.
The first is for the Michigan Theatre: http://www.facebook.com/events/406649412726099/?ref=ts

The second is for the Carnegie Branch Library:

Only thirteen days until the Jaxon Film Fest. Mark you calendars. We will see you at the movies.

1922 – Janis Paige (Donna Mae Tjaden) (actress: The Pajama Game, Silk Stockings, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, Hero)

1924 – Lauren Bacall (Betty Perske) (actress: Key Largo, Applause, Woman of the Year, How to Marry a Millionaire, To Have and Have Not; married actor Humphrey Bogart)

1925 – Morgan Woodward (actor: The Waltons, Dark Before Dawn, The Longest Drive)

1927 – Jack Kelly (actor: Maverick, Dr. Hudson’s Secret Journal, Get Christie Love, To Hell and Back; host: NBC Comedy Theater; mayor: Huntington Beach, California; died Nov 7, 1992)

1930 – Anne Francis (actress: Funny Girl, Blackboard Jungle, Laguna Heat, Battle Cry, Bad Day at Black Rock, Born Again; died Jan 2, 2011)

1934 – George Chakiris (Academy Award-winning actor, dancer: West Side Story [1961]; Is Paris Burning, Dallas)

1949 – Ed Begley Jr. (actor: St. Elsewhere, Parenthood, She-Devil, The Applegates, The Accidental Tourist, The In-Laws)

1950 – Susan Ruttan (actress: L.A. Law, Sweet 15, A Perfect Little Murder, Funny About Love, Fire and Rain, Chances Are, Bad Dreams, Eye of the Demon, Bad Manners)

1952 – Mickey Rourke (actor: Body Heat, Diner, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Year of the Dragon, Nine Weeks, Barfly, Angel Heart, Johnny Handsome, Wild Orchid, Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man)

1961 – Jennifer Tilly (actress: The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Webbers, The Getaway [1994], Stuart Little, The Magnificent Ambersons)

1964 – Molly Shannon (actress: Saturday Night Live)


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