Let Us Ask You

Raising money for a film festival is something new to us. When we started, we were told that the way to raise funds today was to use the crowd funding concept. We had a number of alternatives to pursue. We had Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub, etc. from which to choose.

We chose to go with Indiegogo. We calculated our expenditures to the penny and we created an Indiegogo account. Based upon the reality of the situation here in Michigan, we wrote what we felt was a compelling story. Established our desire. And told of the ways in which others in our community could benefit from our efforts. Most particularly the filmmaking community.

We created different levels of giving and offered what we felt were attractive rewards for each level of giving. This was based largely upon the prevailing economic conditions of our area. Recognizing that we are all confronted with almost endless requests for giving, we didn’t want to appear too pushy.

We announced our campaign, then waited.

The days ticked off. One. By one. By one. By one.

Since we first created our Indiegogo campaign a total of twenty one days has gone by. Not a thing.

To encourage giving, we even offered an incentive. To the first two people who contributed to our campaign, we were willing to offer two tickets to the film screening of your choice playing at the Jaxon Film Fest. Not a thing.

Then it dawned on us, maybe our campaign title was a little ambiguous. Wow! No, d’uh!

Our title was, “Help Us Strike a Blow for Artistic Expression…yada,yada, yada…”

What does that really tell you?

It speaks of rebellious defiance in the name of art.

But it wasn’t clear what we were trying to do. We wanted to raise monies for a film festival here in Michigan.

Tonight we changed the name of our campaign. Now it reads, “Help Us Create a Film Festival for South-Central Michigan.”

“Help Us Strike a Blow for Artistic Expression….” or “Help Us Create a Film Festival for South-Central Michigan.” Which appeals to you more?

We need your help. Without your help, our plans of creating a film festival for Jackson, Michigan may be nothing more than a dream.

How would you prefer to be approached for a contribution? We want you to be part of this thing? How can we convince you of our sincerity? We need to raise monies in the next thirty days, or our efforts to this point may be for naught. The festival may not happen.

Please help.



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