Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival”I Am Ana”

Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival

A young woman must confront what she has done to herself. David Lynch Homage Project

Screened part of “Scary Movie Party 8” in Chicago, IL

Writers: Patrick Loy (story), Gracie Hagen (screenplay)
Director/Producer: Patrick Loy & Gracie Hagen
DP: Adam Maltz
Sound: Eric Ingrum

No single film could ever capture the myriad complexities that make up the human experience. Nor could all films collectively until the end of time.* That however, does not mean that some filmmakers will not try to attempt such a daunting task.

Filmmaker Patrick Loy is not one of the those filmmakers. Instead of pursuing that large grey area in between, the films of Loy are about the polarities that exist at opposite ends. The characters in his films live on the fringes of society, possibly even thrive there. In using sound, texture, color, atmosphere, & mood, Loy shows an intensity few of his contemporaries can match.

In an era where everything is handed to us on a plate, it is nice to know that the dark, challenging, but ultimately rewarding work of Mr. Loy will not make it easy for us.

* I realize this statement is remarkably lucid for the likes of me, my fullest apologies to the original author.


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