Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival “Trust”

Official Selection to the Once a Week Online Film Festival

We flirt with our bodies and faces. TRUST creates a playful variation of the classical initial contact of heterosexual Europeans. A creative man courts a woman with long hair. Would you do the same in this situation?

Wir flirten mit unseren Körpern. Der Film zeigt eine spielerische Variation des klassischen Erstkontakts heterosexueller Europäer. Ein Bastler balzt mit einer Langhaarigen. Würde man genauso handeln in dieser Situation?

Starring: Florence Veruni, Uriel Jaouen Zrehen, Nika Kushnir, Ralph Fellows, Nicolas Walz.

Screenplay: Verena Schulemann
Photographer: Benjamin Morel
Boom Operator / Gaffer: Adrian Redetzki
Composer: Mirko Rizzello, Turlough O’Carolan
Paper Dolls: Laura Etorena, Adrian Redetzki, Nika Kushnir
Director / Producer / Editor: Dave Lojek

TRUST was made in Hamburg at the 10th Anniversary International KinoKabaret 2011 within 36 hours without budget.

Shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.


interfilm Berlin, Germany 2011
FrIKK – Festival für freie Kunst und Kultur Berlin, Germany 2011
International KinoKabaret Hamburg, Germany 2011
interPLAY Film Festival Fort Mac, USA 2011
International KinoKabaret Berlin, Germany 2011
CINEBITES Film Festival Denver, USA 2011
International KinoKabaret Prague, Czech Republic 2011
Cinema Perpetuum Mobile — International Film Festival Minsk, Belarus 2012
Bamberger Kurzfilmtage Film Market, Germany 2012
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival Market, France 2012
International Film Festival “ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA” Jelenia Góra, Poland 2012
Independent Days Karlsruhe, Germany 2012
Dragon Award online competition Gothenburg, Sweden 2012
Ascona Film and Video Art Festival, Switzerland 2012
Videonale Berlin, Germany 2012
The SERGE SHARRINOVSKY SUNDOWN Film Festival, Perth, Western Australia 2012
Moving Silence Festival Athens, Greece 2012
ClipClub Berlin, Germany 2012
West-Östliches FilmFestival Berlin, Germany 2012

Dave Lojek (born 1975 in Berlin) is a German filmmaker, author, and festival director.
Dave Lojek graduated from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in English and Cultural Studies. He writes poems and teaches creative writing for young authors. As autodidact he taught himself the craft of directing short films within the Kino (movement). He has been producing movies since 1995 with APEIRON FILMS. Lojek organizes annual film workshops combined with festivals in Berlin, Germany.
Dave Lojek depicts everyday situations in his short films and documentaries. Small romances and dramas feature prominently. Lojek’s stories focus on distance and proximity, dreams, disappointments, hopes and destruction. Characters in Lojek’s movies deal with traumas, keep looking for adventure or togetherness. They brood, flirt, flee, understand, laugh, kill, or love. Technically, these movie miniatures utilize a very basic approach. Lojek employs and mocks the following genres: comedy, horror, trash, science fiction, wildlife, reportage, satire, thriller, road movie, fairy tale, melodrama, farce, trailers, music video, and experiment.

In search of simplicity and clear narrative the director gets entangled in hasty production conditions sometimes. Therefore, he intensifies his collaboration with scriptwriters. Lojek’s free movie initiative KinoBerlino offers young filmmakers a monthly forum for their works in the oldest German cinema Moviemento in Berlin.

Dave also works as president of the Video- and Film Association Berlin / Brandenburg which bundles film clubs from the region for festivals and belongs to the German Association of Film-Authors.


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