Guest in the House (1944) Ralph Bellamy Film Noir Full Movie

Guest in the House (1944) is an American film noir directed by John Brahm. The drama features Anne Baxter, Ralph Bellamy, Aline MacMahon, among others.

A disturbed young woman has startling effects on a happy household.

Anne Baxter as Evelyn Heath
Ralph Bellamy as Douglas Proctor
Aline MacMahon as Aunt Martha
Ruth Warrick as Ann Proctor
Scott McKay as Doctor Dan Proctor
Marie McDonald as Miriam
Jerome Cowan as Mr. Hackett
Margaret Hamilton as Hilda, the Maid
Percy Kilbride as John, the Butler
Connie Laird as Lee Proctor
[edit]Critical reception

Bosley Crowther, the film critic for The New York Times gave the film a mixed review when it first opened, writing, “For a more cracked and incredible tale than this quaint one of a mischief-making female has not lately disturbed the screen. As a play by Hagar Wilde and Dale Eunson, it had a moderate run, we understand, but as a film it is openly in peril of being laughed into a quick decline. The fault is as much in the story as it is in the handling by all concerned, for the story is cheaply synthetic and about as logical as a crooner’s song…Nor is any help rendered by Anne Baxter, who plays the wrecker with so much coyness that anyone, shy of a blind man, could see that she was up to tricks. And Ralph Bellamy is equally ridiculous as a middle-aged Byronic beau who tries to be boyish and amorous and also solemn and wise. Miss MacMahon remains in the background, which is a happy place for one in this film, while Ruth Warwick, Scott McKay and Jerome Cowan get entwined with the torturings up front. Mr. Stromberg is an eminent producer, but his grip certainly slipped on this job.”

Academy Awards: Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture; Werner Janssen; 1945.


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