This Coming Saturday, July 7, 2012–Join Us and Meet People Involved with Jaxon Film Fest

Free Movies
Escape the Heat–Have a Laff–Win Free Tickets

East Branch Public Library, 3125 East Michigan Ave. Jackson, MI—
July 7–2:00PM

Saturday, July 7, 2012, the Jaxon Film Fest in conjunction with the Jackson District Library will screen a collection of narrative shorts for public viewing. Where: East Branch Public Library, – 3125 East Michigan Ave. Jackson, MI Time: 2:00 PM.

This is the fifth of our Saturday Matinees building up to the Jaxon Film Fest September 29, 2012. This series has been created to give you an inside glimpse into the films we have received and to get feed back from you the viewing public. All are invited. This event is FREE!

Comedy (from the Greek: κωμῳδία, kōmōidía), as a popular meaning, is any humorous discourse or work generally intended to amuse by creating laughter, especially in television, film, and stand-up comedy.

Hymie Does Dawn of the Dead (comedy, real short) James Korloch (Michigan) :28 seconds
Hymie the Chimp performs a famous scene from George Romero’s: ‘Dawn of the Dead.’

Hymie Does Jaws (comedy, real short) James Korloch (Michigan) 20 seconds
Hymie the Chimp recreates a scene from ‘JAWS,’ as only he can…

Thank You for Washing (comedy, short) (California) 14:19 minutes
A quirky love story about a woman who is a germaphobe. Can she find love in an office full of filthy people? Can she even survive the Christmas party when it’s a potluck?

Hymie Does The Empire Strikes Back (comedy short) James Korloch (Michigan) 16 seconds
Hymie the Chimp performs a scene from ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’

The Fourth (comedy short) Jared & Justin Varava (California) 17:13 minutes
Hope kills. William has a dream: To have the fastest relay race team in the upcoming San Fernando Valley Games. Except, there’s one little problem. Including himself, he has only three men to compete in a four-man sport. But that obstacle only makes William more determined

Grace & Maxxie (comedy short) Tim Hodgson (Britain) 1:56 minutes
Grace & Maxxie share an intimate dinner at their favorite Italian Restaurant.

Earthworm Tractors (Feature, 1936) Starring: Joe E. Brown 1:08:29
Alexander Botts, a self-described natural born salesman and master mechanic tries making a big sale of Earthworm tractors to grouchy lumberman Johnson. Since Botts doesn’t really know anything about tractors, and since the old-fashioned Johnson is opposed to tractors of any kind, it isn’t going to be an easy sell. But Botts perseveres, encouraged by Johnson’s daughter.

Join us. Enter to win two free all day tickets to the film festival and all of its events.

If you cannot make this event join us at Panera Bread,
1285 Boardman Road  Jackson, MI 49202
Saturday, July 7, 2012
5:00 PM

Meet in person John Robinson (broadcaster), James Norlock (filmmaker),
Mike Ancrile (actor)
Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere,
Grab a bite
And Organize this festival.

See You Saturday.


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