Michigan Theatre Exterior Photosynthed

With time on my hands this afternoon, I have played with Microsoft’s Photosynth and photos of the Michigan Theatre here in downtown Jackson, Michigan that I shot several days ago. This is where the Jaxon Film Fest will be held, September 29th. Mark that date indelibly on your calendars.

This, to my knowledge is the first photo composite photosynth ever created of the Michigan Theatre. Click on this link.


When the image opens click on it. You will see a series of white boxes appear, as well as what appears to be a divided green smiley. Play with the different images a while by clicking on the different white boxes that appear. Comprised of several different photos, you will get an idea of the theater, its marque, its cupola, and the adjoining buildings on Mechanic Street here in Jackson.

In the weeks to come, I will take you inside the theater through the front doors and into the auditorium, both on the ground floor and from the balcony in a series of different photosynths that will give you in 360 degrees a real feeling on the interior of the theater. This theater is a genuine beauty, one of the last of the historic theaters of its kind here in Michigan.

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