On this Day in Movie History, June 23, 2012: Jaxon Film Fest Launches New Website

It was on this day, June 23, 2012, the Jaxon Film Fest launched its new website. Although a work in progress, it is the first for the film fest.

Says director David W. King, “With only three months left until this year’s festival (its first), it is exciting to see these developments. What we would truly like is to see people in this community become involved with the festival. We would be truly excited if this event proved a success. With the line-up of films we have received, we are confident it will be.”

In the months watch as the festival adds to its website a schedule of films for this coming fest, ways in which you can support the fest, icons of this year’s sponsors, locations to buy tickets, a map of participating venues which will become part of this year’s festival, a map of parking for the festival, awards, photos, etc.

If you would like to see this new website go online to

Join us as we work to make this event a success.

1927 – Bob (Robert Louis) Fosse (Oscar Award-winning director: Cabaret [1972]; Tony Award-winning choreographer: Big Deal [1986], Dancin’ [1978], Sweet Charity [1966], Little Me [1963], Bob Fosse [1959], Damn Yankees [1956], The Pajama Game [1955]; director/choreographer: Pippin [1973]; Emmy Award-winning director: Singer Presents Liza with a “Z” [1972-73]; autobiographical film: All That Jazz; died Sep 23, 1987)

1947 – Bryan Brown (actor: Breaker Morant, Full Body Massage, Blame It on the Bellboy, F/X series, Dead in the Water, Gorillas in the Mist, Cocktail, A Town like Alice, The Thorn Birds, The Winter of Our Dreams, Palm Beach, The Irishman)

1957 – Frances McDormand (actress: Fargo, Blood Simple, Mississippi Burning, The Wonder Boys, Almost Famous)

1959 – Duane Whitaker (actor: Pulp Fiction, Hobgoblins, Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter, Tales from the Hood, Within the Rock, Spoiler, Tempest Eye)

1962 – Billy Wirth (actor: The Lost Boys, Body Snatchers, Venus Rising, Space Marines, Relax… It’s Just Sex; producer: MacArthur Park)

1972 – Selma Blair (actress: In & Out, Cruel Intentions, Kill Me Later, The Sweetest Thing)


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