On this Day in Movie History March 5, 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Released

On March 5, 1943, Universal released their first monster mash-up, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. It was the fifth in the studio’s Frankenstein series and a sequel to their 1941 The Wolf Man.

In this story both monsters seek Dr. Frankenstein for opposite reasons (the Wolf Man wants to end his eternal life, Frankenstein wants to keep himself alive). Larry Talbot the “Wolf Man” (Lon Chaney, Jr.) is awakened from death by grave robbers. Seeking a cure for the curse that causes him to transform into a werewolf with every full moon, wanting to permanently end his own life through scientific means he goes to Frankenstein’s castle,where he hopes to find there the notes of the late Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein.

By chance, during one of his transformations into the wolf man, he falls into the castle’s frozen catacombs and revives Frankenstein’s monster (Bela Lugosi) who had been frozen in ice.

For more on this very scary meeting:

1927 – Jack (John Joseph Edward) Cassidy (actor: The Eiger Sanction, The Andersonville Trial; Broadway’s She Loves Me; David and Shaun’s father; Shirley Jones’ husband; killed in fire Dec 12, 1976)

1934 – James B. Sikking (actor: Hill Street Blues, Turnabout, Doogie Howser, M.D., Tyson, The Pelican Brief, Star Trek 3, Outland, Ordinary People, Scorpio, Von Ryan’s Express, The Strangler)

1935 – Paul Sand (Sanchez) (Tony Award-winning actor: Story Theatre; Getting Up and Going Home, Frozen Assets, The Last Fling, Great Bank Hoax, Once Upon a Brothers Grimm, Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers, Gimme a Break, St. Elsewhere)

1939 – Samantha Eggar (actress: Exterminator, Doctor Dolittle, The Collector, Samantha and the King)

1946 – Michael Warren (actor: Paris, Hill Street Blues, Sweet Justice, Sierra)

1954 – Marsha Warfield (actress, comedienne: Night Court, The Richard Pryor Show, Empty Nest, D.C. Cab)


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