Jaxon Film Fest Accepts First Film Submission, Chris Witherspoon’s”Rage”

Jaxon Film Fest has accepted its very first film submission. This is Chris Witherspoon’s production Rage. A modern-day morality tale involving a young 30 something male protagonist who confronts horror in his otherwise mundane life, this is a movie that gives several entirely new twists (note: this is not a deliberate play on the main character’s name, Dennis Twist) to the horror genre.

Inspired by Stephen Spielberg’s movie Duel starring Dennis Weaver, and Matthew Myers in Halloween,  this movie starts innocently enough,  but in a roof top parking lot Dennis Twist meets “the Biker.”  This meeting  escalates through a cat and mouse chase until the final fateful ending which spills out to effect the lives of others before coming home to roost.

This tight, taut psycho-thriller/slasher movie/morality play is one hell of a ride and is surely worthy of consideration by the Jaxon Film Fest. The movie poster and trailer appear below.

We hope you check this movie out.

Rage Synopsis
RAGE, a raw-nerve, horror-suspense film from independent filmmaker Christopher R. Witherspoon combines a compelling story with nail biting action. The film is heavily influenced by the 1970’s movie classic “Duel” by Steven Spielberg and Witherspoon’s own personal demons. Set in Portland OR, RAGE delivers an explosive and controversial action packed thriller. It features Christopher R. Witherspoon along with a cast of fresh-new talented actors that includes Rick Crawford, in the films lead role with Audrey Walker, M.L. Maltz, Jo Black-Jacob, Anna Lodej, Richard Topping and Spencer Conway. RAGE is written for the screen and directed by Christopher R. Witherspoon, produced by Shawn Smith and Darrell Smith, executive produced by Suzanne Mitchell and Joe Shore and chief executive produced by Cheryl L. Waters.

The story begins when Dennis Twist (CRAWFORD) a 30-something man who lives in a nice suburb just outside Portland says goodbye to hisbeautiful and loving wife, Crystal (WALKER) and heads into town. There he unintentionally provokes the wrath of a mysterious motorcyclist, “The Biker” (WITHERSPOON). The confrontation between the two sets in-motion a daylong battle of cat and mouse. Beginning in the form of harmless taunts. It then quickly escalates into something more serious and then something unimaginable.


What others are saying about Chris Witherspoon’s Rage
“Christopher Witherspoon’s “Rage” is a masterpiece.”
Jonathan Jacobs Screenspotlight.com

“Rage is really, really good. A tight, taut indie thriller with enough action, suspense and intrigue to fill three movies.”
Chris Alexander Fangoria.com

“I was more riveted with rage than any horror film which has come out in the past decade.”
Jarred Mobarock jarredmobarack.com

“The violence is unexpected and over the top. Wow!” “I think it delivers on all levels.”
Peter Balsito–Formerly of Film Finders

“It is a rare film, which moves at lightning pace and will leave you both thinking and shaking.”
4th Annual A Night of Horror International Film Festival

“It unfolds with chilling suspense.””A film that needs to be seen twice.”
Hal C. F. Astrell–Apocalypselaterfilm.com

“Extremely tense, full of suspense, and keeps your nails dug into the sofa.”
Scott Shayer–Anythinghorror.com


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