On Sonicbids Listing Request

Friday, November 18, 2011, we received the following letter from Elsa Vande Vyvre of Sonicbids in response to our request for a listing on same looking for musicians to play various venues throughout Michigan leading up to the Jaxon Film Fest.

Hey David,
Elsa from Sonicbids here. I just wanted to get in touch with you regarding the listing request you put in for Jaxon Film Fest. Looks like a great opportunity, we’re happy you reached out!

Just wanted to follow up on a few things

How many artists are you looking for? Would you be willing to reserve a slot for a Sonicbids member?

Are artists selected playing the Jaxon Film and Music Festival or are they performing at these different venues and then have the opportunity to play at the festival? Can you give more detail as to what exactly this listing is for?

You noted in your request that artists have to pre-sell tickets. We usually do not put up listings that require artists to pre-sell tickets. Would you be willing to take free submissions and then guarantee slots that pay $100 for the gig with no need for artists to pre-sell tickets?

Thanks David! Sorry for the little bit of a delay here- you actually kind of caught us in a transition. We’re becoming super selective in the new things we’re adding to our site, so we’re putting a lot of thought into each new partnership we make.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Elsa Vande Vyvre
Sonicbids Music Network
Elsa Vande Vyvre
Sonicbids Music Network

Here is our response.
Thank you for getting back with me.

As this is our first year, we clearly have some details to iron out.

As you may know, Michigan until recently had some of the most generous film tax incentives of any state in the country. Michigan had started to attract Hollywood film producers and the industry as a whole. Unfortunately, for the state and its citizenry, a newly elected governor decided to change this, reduce the available incentives and this quickly chased the film industry away.

Today there is an ingoing fight to re-instate these incentives, at least in part and again bring the movie industry back to Michigan. We feel that the state has a lot to offer.

One of the things that were originally a big part of the movie industry were the theaters which showed these earliest films.

The focus of this series then is Michigan’s theaters as much as the music. If the movie industry returns we would like to provide a bridge connecting the industry with the musicians who will have a very big role in creating and providing soundtracks and such for the movies and do so in venues reminiscent of early moviedom.

During each staged performance, we are going to have video and recording people on staff to record each performance and highlight each theater. Each musician will receive a copy of both the video and a recording of the live performance.

To answer your questions, we are looking for possibly as many Michigan musicians as might be interested in such an opportunity. We will draw these musicians from a fifty mile radius of each of these theaters. We will decide this based on merit. We will be inviting people from the movie industry, whether students or professionals to these events to introduce them to Michigan musicians at meet and greets which will follow each evening’s performance . These events will also, of course, be open to the general public. This would include a Sonicbid member (if you mean by that a member of the Sonicbid staff, yes.)

As Michigan has a wealth of faithfully restored theaters from across the state, we will be staging these events at many of them and depending upon the draw of each, may hold these events at each more than once. We want to do this for this reason and to build an interest in the fest. This will culminate with the film/music festival being held in downtown Jackson (date to TBD.) Rather than the film fest be held at one location downtown, we are hoping to persuade venue owners throughout Jackson to invite the musicians to play as part of a city wide event (think SXSW or NXNE).

These pre-sell tickets are not a requirement as much as an option available to the artist to increase their bottom lines for each performance. We are fully prepared to do the publicity and promotion ourselves. We thought musicians would enjoy the opportunity to increase their potential profits on each show and hype each performance. As we will offer these tickets to each band/or solo artist, they are then free to do with the tickets what they wish. If instead of selling these tickets they want to invite guests, they can. Again these tickets are part of a package of inducements we will offer the musician in exchange for their time and performances.

If the musician feels that this is a positive experience for them, and we will work to make it so, we hope to build relationships with each musician in which we can offer them help booking future (non-related) events and creating publicity to help their careers.

We understand you are busy. We thank you for getting back with us. We are not going to launch things until after the first of the year. But we are reaching out now to determine an interest in Jaxon’s Film/Music Fest. So, if it takes a while to respond again…it’s understood.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

David W. King
Jaxon Film/Music Fest

If you are a Michigan musician presently on Sonicbids and would like to be considered for one of the upcoming gigs to be held at many of Michigan’s historic theaters, watch for our listing on Sonicbids and make certain you get your EPK to us right away. There is no charge for submitting to us. Or simply drop us a line. Make certain you state what city, township or municipality you are from and what musical genre you play.


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